Get your club logo / sponsors / player names and numbers on your personalised bags!

We can customise our King Bag, Ace Royale or our Duffle for your club or school. 

Minimum orders of 80. Very reasonable Pricing. 


Step 1 Get a sponsor

Getting a club sponsor to help with the payment of the bags is a great way to get this happening

The sponsor will be printed on the side of the bag and therefore will get great exposure

The amount you should aim to get from a sponsor to go on the bags we suggest is around £3000 based on 80 players. If you have more than 80 players then you should look to get more. We can help you here with the numbers. 


Step 2 Have each player get an individual player sponsor £200

What this enables you to do as a club is get a lot of sponsors involved. If each player gets an individual player sponsor then you open up many networks that the club can leverage off and create fantastic relationships with. 

We suggest that the individual player sponsors are acknowledged on your club website with details of the sponsors whether it be a business or individual. Also have player sponsor details in your club rooms with a photo of the player promoting the generosity of the sponsor to help the player and club. 


  • Club engages a major sponsor that goes on all of the bags as a naming partner
  • Club engages with individual player sponsors and that amount covers the cost of the customised players bags 
  • Players get a club customised bag with name or number
  • Bags will take 60 days production plus 21 days delivery so get in fast now to avoid disappointment.