Features Overview

Apparel & Club Merchandise made easy with TNF CRICKET.

It is NOT too late now to get organised for season 2017.

In fact you have about 40 days to get things sorted. If you are keen to know more about how TNF CRICKET can make your club apparel & merchandise then CONTACT US NOW. 



We LOVE making cool kit. We have an in house graphic designer that can customise your products to be unique, boast club sponsors & preferred look.

We can also replicate anything that is exisiting to be as close to what you have as possible. Any colours can be exactly matched by you just providing us your example. 


 CLub PRICING & rebates confirmed

Some clubs wish to add some money to certain products to ensure that the club can generate some extra revenue.

That's fine with us.

We provide you our price and you tell us what you want to sell the products to your members at. When orders are delivered your club will receive it's apparel and merchandise rebate. 



Having a club online store for members and fans to purchase apparel and merchandise is a MUST in 2017.

We can protect your store with passwords that all club members can have access to or we can open your store to the worldwide web. It's up to you. 


 ORDERS DEADLINES & Minimum Quantities

We set simple deadlines to ensure deliveries are on time.

Sublimated products take 28-32 days to produce

Cut & Sew products take 35 days to produce

Embroidery stock service products can take up to 14 days

We have minimum orders on most items  

Sublimated items x 20 qty 

Cut & Sew items x 50 qty

Caps Traditional & Flex Fit x 10 qty

We will ALWAYS work with you to make sure you get what you need. DO NOT let the minimum quantities put you off enquiring ASAP


 Guaranteed deliveries on time

With the deadlines in place we can assure you of your product to be on time. Making sure that this communication is transparent throughout the ordering and production time is what TNF CRICKET take great pride in. We make sure you know how your order is fairing the throughout the entire process.